As I start writing, memories all flood back in front of me. The two years at AIC was rewarding. The enthusiasm of the students, the passion of the teachers, and the availability of the opportunities, were all elements that I loved about AIC.

I really miss the close friendships, the sense of community, the warm smiles of teachers, the chats in dorms, the busy happy art studio, the giggling in assemblies, the hard work when editing news articles, the lengthy student council meetings, and more. Every time these snapshots flash back to my mind, I can’t resist my nostalgia. Also, the knowledge and skills I learned in classrooms and beyond are proven very useful in my study and life here. I am forever grateful to every person I met and every moment I lived at AIC.

To the graduating class, I feel extraordinarily lucky having spent one/two year with you as your classmate. I will never forget the time we fought together. All the best for your life beyond AIC. Wherever you are heading, I am sure you can make the best out of it. AIC will always be your home, just like it is always mine.

The photo was taken in the first week at Mahindra UWC, when I stepped on this foreign land for the first time, and when I missed AIC the most. As you DP2s embark on your new journey, I wish that you will have an open mind and lots of excitement!

Justin Wang

I am writing to you from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada. In fact, I just completed my first year of studies. I appreciate all I did in IB, because it has helped me to get ready for my university courses. Obviously, my teachers played a big part in this so accept my gratitude for all you did for me.


The IB Diploma program not only improve my English skills in different aspects, but it also helped me get transfer credits at my University which has made life a bit easier. I hope you have enjoyed your IB program and are working hard for your upcoming IB exams.


All I want to say is: turn those unknowns to knowns, get a good night’s sleep before and relax during your exams. Best wishes to all of you!


After spending one year at Queen’s University in Kingston, I found that the IB Diploma Program was an ideal preparation for university education. First of all, it helped me to establish a solid foundation of knowledge for first-year courses. Since I was exposed to most of the concepts in IB Business Management, Mathematics and TOK, the courses in the first month was like a revision for me, allowing me to reach a more in-depth understanding and to have time to adjust to a new study habit. Therefore, I was able to master the more comprehensive materials presented later in the course. In addition, I developed a strong work-ethic because of IB. I was taught how to manage my time wisely to handle a massive workload. Therefore, I don’t actually find the first year to be that much of an adjustment. Most importantly, IB has helped me to cultivate a growth mindset that will probably have a life-long impact on me. I study in an environment that is very competitive due to its nature. People around me are concerned with looking smart and not making mistakes. Therefore, I set myself in a fixed mindset, avoiding doing things that I might fail at, and as a consequence, not achieving my full potential. Soon I recalled the values as well as what I had learned in IB. I came to the realization that success was not about looking smart in front of others, it was about stretching myself to learn something new and confronting my own mistakes and learning from them. I am so grateful that I have had the privilege to be enrolled in the IB program. It not only help me to smoothly transition into university life and to achieve the GPA I want, it also taught me to be a life-long learner and to maintain a learning oriented mindset in a competitive environment.

As a former IB student who suffered but eventually survived final exams, I want to tell all DP2s some hacks! Don’t study hard but study smart!


1. Be organized

Create an exam study schedule as it allows you to consider how much time you may need for different courses; distribute your review time, and ensure that all courses are reviewed. Divide your day into 3 x 3 hour study blocks (morning, afternoon, and evening) – WOW! That’s 9 hours of studying for one day!


2. Take the happiness advantage

Research shows that your brain is much more engaged, motivated and productive when you are in a good mood. Therefore, separate the study blocks by a 2-hour break. During that time, you can do anything that can make yourself happy, such as eating snacks, chatting with friends, doing physical activities, etc. This break is very important because it allows for memory consolidation and down time.


3.  Meditate

It sounds hard but it is indeed very easy. Simply close your eyes and focus on breathing for 5 minutes before you start studying. You will find yourself fresh and calm the moment you open your eyes and you will be able to be focused on your material for the next 3 hours.

Cheer up! You are almost there! Give yourself a round of applause for making it through a very intensive program. Your dream university is embracing you! I wish you all the best and good luck!!! 


I graduated last summer from AIC. I am currently a sophomore student taking Mechanical Engineering as my major at Kettering University, which is a fine engineering college. I have been in the US for the last seven months and it has been a great time, but to say from the bottom of my heart, I have always missed the time when I was a student at AIC. Before my Kettering career started, I didn’t expect that the IB program would support the development of my university life, especially for my academic performance.


I was able to earn the credits for Physics without taking the courses at the university because Physics was one of my subjects at AIC, which means I am ahead of other freshman students. Besides, the experience of taking IB program also taught me the ability of engaging with people from different backgrounds and different roles, such as dealing with professors. To make it short, I do appreciate the experience of taking IB at AIC. I have heard that the IB final exam is approaching for the current senior students at AIC, so I would like to say "Good Luck" to all of you and hope you get great results. 



I thought that I was ready for university life long before I even applied, but I realized that I was not ready at all after only the first day that I went to class. I felt culture shock from the experience of studying abroad, and I felt alone and homesick. The best way to solve this problem, I figured, was to have 100% focus on academics.


This was OK because I needed to put in more effort for university subjects than in my IB subjects. The most important thing is reading and understanding each subjects outline; this is important, otherwise, you will fail subjects even when you study very hard. IB helped me in understanding how to write essays, and this helped me to alleviate the pressure of university life.


I wish all the AIC students can get the good marks that they’ve been seeking; especially the DP2 students. I am more than grateful that I had the experience of being a student at AIC.


Alcanta International College was one of the greatest things that happened to me in China. AIC was like home to me : students and teachers werevery friendly and welcoming.

I learned a lot ; most of all , it made me the person I am today. Living away from home is hard but having my friends and a great school by my side made me more confident and outgoing.

I would like to wish all the DP2 students good luck and I know you guys worked hard so you can do it. I hope all of you got into Universities you wished for. Keep in touch. Best of luck in your exams and life after AIC!


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