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Kayaking Lessons

The event started with a range of warm-up exercises, followed by professional coaching which carefully explained the activity content, introduce the skills of rowing, and outline important safety guidelines. 

After this preparatory work, students were eager to give it a try with their partners. They practiced the essential skills of paddling. Although the boat is small, it is difficult to operate smoothly on the water without strength and communication skills.

Kayaking originated in Northern Europe. As a charming water sport, the competitive characteristics of kayaking driven by many people which has been considered to exercise perseverance, cultivate the spirit of unity and team cooperation.

"On Jiaomen River, riding against the wind and the waves, although tiring but very fun", student A said.

Speaking of the first time learning kayaking, student B summed it up in 3 points, "Its cool, its novel, its fun!"

Students have experienced the charm of Kayaking on Jiaomen River and felt the rush of excitement trying a new water sport.

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