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Congratulations to AIC students on their outstanding LAMDA Exam Results

The December LAMDA exam results were released this week, and all AIC students passed with Distinction.

"The results are fantastic," said drama teacher Nicola, "our best yet". A distinction is awarded to students earning 80 marks or more in the exam.  

Erick Howard

Students taking part in the exams were from IGCSE 2 and DP1. Most were taking Acting exams, although Erick Howard took Grade 8 (or Gold Medal) in the Speaking of Verse and Prose. Erick had to learn three pieces - prose, verse and a sonnet by Shakespeare - and answer questions relating to these.

Delia Djobo
Delia Djobo, a drama student from IGCSE2, scored 94 out of 100 for her acting exam. Acting students must perform two monologues, and, of course, Delia already performed one of her monologues at the EdTA competition in Shenzhen in November. The examiner commented on her "sophisticated understanding of a writers intention".

Kenny Xie
Like Kenny Xie in IGCSE2, some students joined the LAMDA programme in 2020. Kenny has been steadily working through the acting grades, and the examiner praised his "confident voice and strong stage presence".

Sally Li
Other students took an exam for the first time, like Sally Li in DP1. The examiner mentioned her "engaging ability to bring character and circumstance to life".
Hearty congratulations are due to all students who took part. "The exams can be quite daunting", said Nicola, "memorising long passages of written text is an achievement in itself". 
The next round of exams is in June, and Nicola is looking forward to taking the students to the next level.  
LAMDA exams are strictly accredited and monitored by OfQual, the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation.

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