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The IB Diploma Program at AIC

One of the major reasons why AIC is an excellent choice for students is because the school offers the IB Diploma program. A key component of this internationally recognized curriculum is to provide students with a rigorous and balanced academic experience that will help prepare them to be successful at top universities around the world. A key goal of educators at AIC is to achieve their full potential academically.
At the same time, students who complete the IB Diploma Program should leave AIC with amore global perspective.The Extended Essay is a vital component of the IB Diploma Program.All DP students must complete this major research project with a passing grade. At the beginning of this school year, DP 2 students attended on Extended Essay camp for three consecutive days. During this time, they completed draft copies of their Extended Essay and had the opportunity to seek advice from their teacher supervisors.
During the course of the next several months, DP 2 students will to complete many internal assessments in their various classes. These assessments count towards a significant proportion of the students’ final grade.
As such, they need to be taken seriously and completed with the highest level of excellence.
For DP 1 students, the main task at the beginning of the school year has been to adjust to the high academic expectations of the IB program. Students must recognize that top results come only with hard work. For this reason, they must strive for excellence even at this early stage of the Diploma Program. As well, all DP 1 students should now be engaged in CAS (Creativity, Activity, and Service). Like the Extended Essay, this also is a requirement for all DP candidates.

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