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AIC: a school of opportunity

I know our students success is not just possible but probable when we focus on what matters. For us, this means great teaching every day in every classroom, being honest about our practice, and having a learning-focused partnership with our whole community. Students, parents and teachers work collaboratively with one goal.
Getting good outcomes for our students means designing a curriculum that meets the IB expectations and is relevant for our students. Having our students ask thoughtful questions that matter gives reason and purpose for the need to read, write and calculate. Our students need to answer these questions in a way that makes a difference not only to them, but to their communities. The very rationale of the IB is to make the world a better place.
Teachers must stay focused on what highly effective teaching looks, sounds and feels like. We need to continue to ask questions about our teaching practice and work with each other to answer these questions. We are not perfect and never will be, but we do have a sense of our imperfections and we constantly work towards improving them. AIC has systems in place that reviews teacher’s performance and help implement effective professional development. We seek to do better and to improve in all aspects of our school.
Between us we have many of the answers to success for all our students. This is when being a small school like AIC comes into its own. Being a ccommunity of learners provides an opportunity for all of us to share our ideas, skills and talents for the advancement of our students. We have a wonderful opportunity to work collectively. Thats our challenge and our opportunity.

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